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scanned slides from Peter Guth DS69


Peter Guth DS69


Peter Guth DS69


Deep Springs College




Denis Clark DS69


Peter Guth DS69


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Deep Springs area

Items in the Peter Guth Collection Collection

Branding Spring 1971 (4 images)
a - probably Jeff Boyd DS69 cauterizing a horn stub; b - Unknown person branding; c - Mike Huston DS68 castrating; d - Nonie Holloway vaccinating - Mike Huston castrating - Jan Vleck DS69 holding

Branding Spring 1971 (5 images)
a - probably Merritt Holloway roping a calf; b - Robin Hayes roping a calf; c - Bill Sullivan DS70 (back to camera) - possibly John Sender DS69 (on ground) - Robin Hayes - and unidentified person wrestle a calf; d - more likely from 1970 - Mikeā€¦

Branding Spring 1971 (3 images)
a - possibly Bill Sullivan DS70 riding a cow; b - possibly Bruce Proctor DS70 riding a cow; c - possibly Bruce Proctor riding a cow - Nonie Holloway at left - Mike Quinn DS70 and Bill Sullivan DS70 in background

Eureka Valley dunes
Eureka Valley dunes - rock strata in mountains to the east

Haying scenes (3 images)
a - possibly Andy Fairchild DS67 - or Tom Tompkins DS69 - pulling baler with Case tractor; b - unidentified students picking up bales with IHC truck; c - Nonie Holloway cutting hay with swather - Spring 1971

Patching the road
Mike Quinn DS70 (probably) and Bruce Eggleston DS69 patch the road

Big Sand Spring (3 images)
a - Jan Vleck DS69 feeds hay; b - brahma bull and calf; c - Jan Vleck puts on pack saddle

Gomphothere excavation (3 images)
a - John Mawby DS53 - paleontologist and DS faculty member - foreground - and unidentified person start excavation; b - Mawby continues excavation; c - later stage in excavation of skull

Death Valley horseback trip (2 images)
a - Jan Vleck DS69 leading pack horse in northern end of Death Valley; b - Jan leading pack horse in narrower canyon - titled "leaving Death Valley."

Death Valley horseback trip (3 images)
a - Sos - a DSSB horse - falls; - b - Jan Vleck DS69 and pack horse in Deep Springs Valley; c - 3 horses at lunch in Eureka Valley