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a - Letter from Vincent Cochrane, president of Telluride Association, b - annotations by Denis Clark, c - the original letter as photographed, d - an obituary for Cochrane

The desk and dresser of Jan Vleck DS69

Joseph Balachowski, languages teacher, and Stan Hilchey in a 1-student French class

A Zebra-tailed lizard, Callisaurus draconoides, on the playa at the Racetrack

The Aird (left) and Withrow (right) cottages as originally constructed, not yet landscaped

A geology field trip, somewhere between Deep Springs and Death Valley, including John Mawby DS53, professor, Dian Mawby in cab, and Bill Mack DS68, Mike Huston DS68 (rear), Peter Wakeman DS69, Kent Davis DS68, Peter Guth DS69, possible Jeff Boyd DS69…

Randall Reid DS49, Dean and Driector, teaches English Composition to the Class of 1970 in the Main Building classroom. Students, (left to right, all DS70) include Bill Sullivan, far left, 2 unknown students foreground, Gary Mahannah, Jeff Moore, Paul…

Peter Wakeman hitches out of Deep Springs Valley in the morning, on the way to Fall Creek in the northern White Mountains

Peter Wakeman DS69 takes time out from a geology field trip to contemplate the Universe at the Racetrack

The new Main Building in the morning, not long after its construction
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