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A team of horses begins digging the lower reservoir, guided by three unidentified people. The handle extending above the left-hand person's head was a lever to control the depth of cut, and could require (and deliver) considerable force.

Katherine Baily was the daughter of workers at the salt works at Deep Springs Lake, and socialized with the Deep Springs community. In these photos she is pointing a shotgun and (it seems, if oddly) washing a roll of developed film

Students toss a fellow student fully clothed into the reservoir shortly after completion

A 4-horse, a 2-horse, and a 2-mule team pulling bucket-type "Fresno" scrapers, probably the early stages of digging the lower reservoir

Jim Holmes DS17, (unk), Harvey Gerry DS17, Sherlock Davis DS17 with team of horses preparing to dig lower reservoir


Unidentified students swim in the newly completed and filled lower reservoir

A Christmas gathering, apparently in the Main Room, including Walter Welti, Herb Reich, Jim Holmes, Merril Wrench, and Cy Ross (DS17), Julian Steward and Burtis Ritter (DS18), Si Whiney DS19, the Dann twins (DSnn), Mrs. Baily and Katharine Baily…

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Teams of four horses (left), two horses (center) and two mules (right) begin to dig the lower reservoir, pulling the bucket scrapers known as "Fresnos". A very fine pair of mules on the right.

A four-horse team pulls a scraper, guided by three unidentified students, possibly including Julian Steward DS18 (center). Side view of a nice-looking team.


Group with truck (probably a GMC) loading or unloading for a picnic. People not identified, probably Mrs. Woodhouse at far right, maybe Katharine Baily (her family was located at the salt works) or Mrs. Cadman standing next to rear wheel of truck.
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