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There are many young women in the picture, and the group is identified as the 1988 coed TASP.

One student is shooting raisins into the open mouth of another, apparently missed quite a few

Caption Luis Azevedo, Deep Springs cowboy 1950s, friend to DS for decades, deceased in Fish Lake Valley 2007

Merritt Holloway was the Cowboy at Deep Springs ca. 1949, and was living in June Lake in 1951 when the DSSB invited him along on their Spring trip to Indian Country. At Haystack rock, you could get small pieces of shale and ride them down the slope,…

The seven students who owned guns posed holding them, including, L to R standing, John Sender DS69, Alan Kaufman DS67, Tom Tomkins DS69, Jim Horning DS69, Dennis Farr DS68, and Joel Hyde DS67; kneeling is Andy Fairchild DS67

Ed Keonjian DS55, Dave Webb DS53, George Hardy DS54, Jeff Johnson DS55 standing in front of cattle rack, at that time mounted on a Dodge chassis

Portrait of LL Nunn, perhaps about age 45

faculty member (?) presenting student in cap and gown with a bottle

Identified L to R as Pederson, Feldman, Pook(?), Mahony, Dodge, Allen, -?-, Escobar

Bob Mansfield standing in desert
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