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Si Whitney DS19 was Director from 1942-1948, and on leaving wrote this memorandum to the DSSB - 23 pages plus 1-page letter

Erik Pell DS41 and faculty member Alice Bergel pose by rocks on a hike

An influential document discovered by many subsequent generations of Deep Springers, although "It should be understood, before reading this manuscript, that I have at no time endeavored to portray any person, now living or dead, or any institution…

A letter from Dr. F. A. Harper to Frank Noon, and a reply detailing the final days and death of LL Nunn

Apparently a speech by Frank Noon, long-time associate of LL Nunn

Harry Thomsen was DS27 (stayed 1 year) and also spent time as a child in 1918-1919, when his father, Ludwig, taught there. Three files, a - Chapter 3, DS 1918-1919, b - Chapter 8, DS 1927-1928, c - entire memoir. An interesting, productive life as a…

Fundraising booklet containing facts about Deep Springs for people unfamiliar with it. Contains a description, alumni achievement information, a list of the TDS at the time, and financial statements. The TDS lists and financial statements are…

Merritt Holloway was the hired cowboy in the late 1940s as well as Ranch Manager through most of the 1970s. Two images, one of Merritt alone, the other showing unknown student driving tractor

Willow Springs is a water stop in the Last Chance Range used perennially by students trekking to Death Valley, on foot or horseback. This would be its appearance in the 1940s.

View of the Valley from the Druid (just visible at right edge), unknown student in foreground. The airstrip is a very prominent T shape.
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