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The famous gate at Scotty's Castle, including, left to right, Bonham Campbell DS31, Walter Crawford (DS Director), Death Valley Scotty, Mr. Heapy (DS ranch manager)

Wright was an acquaintance of LL Nunn's via Albert M. Johnson, and visited Deep Springs. Mechanic Martin Sachse asked him to design a house for him, which Wright did. It was never built. a - front elevation b - plan view

Coyote, very aware of the photographer, running east between upper and lower ranches, a - entire image, b - cropped version

View from bottom of Circle towards the west. Everyone was talking about how dry it was and hoping for rain, but the water season was nearly over and finished at about 1/3 of normal.

This book was published by Telluride Association shortly after LL Nunn's death in 1925, in an attempt to summarize the philosophies of the institutions. It went through several editions. A number of interesting early photos of Deep Springs.


Article in the Telluride Newsletter by Don Read DS59 about Deep Springs cowboy Fogger Dunagan and his wife, Edna

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A proposal to NEH for historical work on LL Nunn and corporate education

I was driving from Idaho to Deep Springs, having delayed my trip a day because of a storm moving across northern Nevada. a - Clouds on east slope of Ruby Mountains south of Wells, b - northern Hot Creek Range. c - southern Hot Creek Range - d…

This is the house whre LL Nunn died on April 2, 1925; he was occasioanlly visited there by DSSB members

Essay written for inclusion with the boxed set of documents produced for the DS Centennial Reunion, including a quotation from Wallace Stegner
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