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Annotated photos taken by Denis Clark DS69, a portion of a PDF slide show assembled around 2000

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a brief illustrated history of the early days

Online article by David Schisgall DS86

Papers on the history of Deep Springs submitted by Christian Stayner DS00 (1925-35), Jeremy Bearer-Friend DS01 (1938-43) Steve Pannuto DS01 (1945-50), Andrew Kim DS00 (1964-69),Kenneth Nodland DS00 (1975-80)

List of letters to and from LL Nunn and close associates known to Denis Clark ca. 2000, 386 line items

Students present in the summer of 1949, including Leigh Ortenburger, Mark Sexton, Lee Talbot, Tom Billings, Dick George, John Sinning, Juraj Slavik, Curt Karplus, and Mark Follstad (all DS48), and Miles Everett, Bill Romell, Randall Reid, Phil…

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Manuscript compiled in the 1960s from LL Nunn papers and letters, also a digest of Sweeting's reports to TA on his progress, and his obituary in the TA Newsletter, March 1977

Telluride Newsletter obituary and modern email threads, including the DS Newsletter obituary

List by box and folder of what was in the archives in 2005.

Stephen A. Bailey's memoir of LL Nunn
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