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Article by Daniel Pritchett DS71 on the early expeditions to the White Mountain area, and the naming of the range

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Stories are told at Deep Springs of White Mountain City, near the mouth of Wyman Canyon, and its involvement in voter fraud. This authoritative article by Daniel Pritchett DS71 suggests that story is a myth.

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Article mainly covers power development, mentions Deep Springs briefly at the end

Robert H. Beebe, foreign language faculty

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Bulldozer building bank at Lower Reservoir

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A Chinaman, or social evening, Randall Reid in background, Earline Reid at left

View of empty dorm hallway, from near Main Room door towards post office, scrapbook caption "in isolated but beautiful surroundings"

Upper Ranch from above shop; yearbook caption "Upon first glimpse, the Valley appears withered and lifeless"

See annotated image for names, which include Hal Sedgwick DS62 , Dave Mossner DS63, Eric Schneidewind DS62, Ken Hovey DS62, Danny Ihara DS64, Mike Stryker DS64, Hugo Blaisdel DS62, Steve Oliver DS63, Steve Noll DS64, Tom Drew DS63, JR Getsinger DS64,…

Group on the lawn, probably after lunch on an early nice Spring day. Identifiable people include Bill McDowell at left, Marilyn and Roger Dell, possible Doug von Qualen at rear, Randall Reid, John Mawby.
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