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Heide Sachse-Deep Springs-Then & Now copy.jpg.jpeg
Diptych - Heide Sachse, daughter of Martin Sachse, poses on Main Building steps in two photos separated by nearly eighty years.

2 images of fresh cut, piled hay, looking from lower ranch to upper ranch


Inyo Chemical Company's experimental plant from Deep Springs Lake. Inyo County, California

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Boarding house; school at Deep Springs Valley. Inyo County, California

Dean's and foreman's cottages; school at Deep Springs Valley. Inyo County, California

View of lower ranch looking southwest, not perfectly clear on the exact vantage point

View of Main Building from bottom of Circle. Note dark trim, the vestibule on the front porch (mud room or for heat conservation), and two women. Museum construction appears to be occurring at the right edge of the photo, with temporary braces for…

Apparently water was pumped to or from here as part of the salt gathering operation on Deep Springs Lake

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View NW towards Westgard Pass along ditch and dike; not clear, but remains of this may still be visible today

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