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caption, "after removal of carbon from power plant engine"; in the first few years, Deep Springs electrical power came from a DC generator powered by a diesel engine, in the northeast corner of the garage

Left to right Sheldon Callaway DS18, Don Sutherland DS21, Charles Schaff DS20, Clarence MacDaniels DS21, Roger Dann DS19, Don Falconer DS20, Henry Hayes DS20, Jack Laylin DS20, John Davenport DS21, Wallace Cook DS20, Windsor Putnam DS19, Robert Dann…

Players here include, left to right, William Skinner DS42, a China expert and visiting lecturer, Joel Hyde DS67, Mike Huston DS68, Andy Fairchild DS67, and Bill Mack DS68

Aird and Hayes posing on Circle lawn

Northerly view of Withrow guest cottage, foreground, and Aird cottage, background

Ross Peterson shovels snow

Alan Kaufman DS67 holds a sign found while fighting a dump fire, late summer or early Fall, 1969

Professor Alice Bergel, faculty 1941-1947, standing outside Boarding House, date uncertain

Gathering to award Deep Springs Medal to Bill vanden Heuvel DS46 (2nd from left), including Ed Wesely DS45, Beth Thomas (TDS), and Bob Gatje DS44

Multiple alumni gathered for group portrait on front porch of main building. L-R
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