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Leonard Loomis DS73, Michael Dehn DS74, and Brian Lanter DS73 construct a set for a performance of Henry IV, Part 2

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Cam Leonard DS74, Brooks Coville and Leonard Loomis DS73 at a pig slaughter. Pigs are not skinned, but the hair is removed with cup-shaped knives.

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Leonard Loomis DS73, Cam Smith DS74, Chris Campbell DS73, JoAnn Smith (music teacher), E. Reid, Michael Fields DS74, Pat Schrock, Gerry Saucier DS73

Bill Ragen (red suspenders) and Migue Dozier (green hat) DS74, Chris Campbell DS73 (leather hat with rattlesnake skin addition), possibly Ed George DS75

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DSSB, Fall 1974, including Hal Gladfelder and Nick Capozzoli DS72, Chris Campbell, Brooks Coville, Brian Lanter, Joseph Linzmeier, Leonard Loomis, Gerard Saucier, and John Sledd DS73, David Abel, Thomas Beardslee, Michael Dehn, Migue Dozier, Michael…

Left to Right - Bill Ragen DS74 (hat) Nick Capozzoli DS73, Peter Beck DS75 (suspenders), Ed George DS75, David Hayes, son of Henry Hayes DS20 (roper), Jordan Greenwald DS75

Chris Campbell and Leonard Loomis DS73 rehearse a sword fight for Henry IV, Part 2. Chris made the swords out of truck leaf springs. They were very heavy.


Left to right, Bill Ragen DS74, John Sledd DS73, and Cam Leonard DS74

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Leonard Loomis DS73, Rolf Schelander DS74 (Falstaff), and faculty member David Schuman rehearsing a production of Henry IV, Part 2

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Winona Johnson Holloway and (top row from left) Michael Huston DS68, Chris Campbell DS73, Brad Edmondson DS76, Paul Davis DS77, Loren Ihle DS76, Migue Dozier DS74, Jacob Dickinson DS76, Paul Michelsen DS74, (bottom row from left) Gary Mahannah DS70,…
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