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images scanned from Ray Huey photo albums 1961-1963


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Ray Huey

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DSSB Portrait 1961
Upper (L to R) Lincoln Bergman, Hale Prather, Darwin Berg, David Pace, Dick Broadhead, Robert Gay, John Hoskins, Paul Kemp, Ken Odell, Roger Seiler, Don Attwood, Giles Rafsnider, Brendon Bass, Roger Rugeroni. Lower (L to R) Christopher Kleps, Phil…

Dairy Barn Door
Dairy barn door painted by Harry Heitkamp in 1948. The image remains on the door in 2017.

Dairy Silos
Dairy barn & silos, 1961, viewed from ridge above. Taller silo was torn down by the 1970s.

Main Porch
Main Building & Circle, 1961

Dairy Ridge and south Fields
South fields from ridge above Dairy Barn

Cattle corrals
Stock pens, 1961, looking N toward Wyman Canyon

Reed and Dunagan in BH
Don Reed, Fogger Dunagan, boarding house

Staff at Christmas 1961
L-R: Paul Kemp, Dr. Kirby, Roger Seiler, main room, Christmas

Dairy interior 1961
dairy barn interior with cows set for milking, date uncertain

Ray Diggle milking
Ray Diggle DS'60 milking cows
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