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Dean Sarah Stickney of Deep Springs College inquired about past DS Summer Sessions, and I wrote about two pages based on what I knew.

(1) email from David Cole DS45 to John Dewis DS94; (2) Interview with Edwin Cronk

Barney Childs was a well known avant garde composer, and was leaving his position as Director of Deep Springs in mid-1969. Jim Horning DS69

Articles include -- Message from the Fund Raising Committee by Ken Mahoney - Trustee Chairman's comments by Erik Pell - 1988 Donor List by anon - Estimate of Fund drive requirements by anon - President's Report by John Ure Anderson, Jr.

Articles include -- Withrow Week, a seminar for the whole student body by Jon Edson - A new perspective on science at DS by Bob Clark - Presidetn's Report by John Ure Anderson, Jr. - Request for science alumni to help organize Museum collections by…


Articles include -- Community Break by anon. - Gayle Jones, a Man for Deep Springs by anon. - The President's Report by Brandt Kehoe - Last Year's Class by anon. - Let's keep our eyes on the ball by Robert B. Aird - Report of the Labor Commissioner…


Articles include -- 1988, the first coed TASP, foot-in-the-door notion dismissed by Matthew Healey - Buzz Anderson Next President by anon - News for the Ranch by Jonathan Pease - Norton Dodewge Taches Money by Matthew Healey - Carla brings Latin…

Articles include -- President's Report by Brandt Kehoe - This issue by Editor Ted Shelton - Deep Springs Administration, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Frederic Laise - And On the Eighth Day God Created... by Colin Hamblin - Deep Springers and…


Articles include -- A Blacksmith's Rebuttal by Eric Reid - Chris Breiseth Moves In by Will Masters - Ed Cronk Packs Out by David Schuman - A Puzzling Picture (alumni giving) by Fred Laise - Rinchin', Readin', and Rithmatic by David Weiss - vanden…
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