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short article about conservtion efforts protecting the toad

Article describing allegations and investigations of racial discrimination at the Cottontail Ranch, a brothel at Lida Junction

Green decal with "Deep Springs" in block letters

QSO from K6HKF, "The Voice of the Desert," run by the Deep Springs Radio Committee, which included Al Bush and Bill Jensen, both DS56

view from above garage

A party invitation, apparently on stationery designed by Dian Mawby, and a farewell card signed by faculty and staff, including Ruth and Jess James, Tom Payne, Herb Reich, Nona Holloway, Joseph and Jean Balachowski, Jeff and Jake Lustig, Robert…

4- page brochure on founding and early history of the county, including mentions of LL Nunn and PN Nunn

The White Mountains of California have provided archeologists with an entirely new picture of the development of man and his culture which disputes the belief that the Near East was the cradle of civilization.

A newspaper article from the Hanford, California, Morning Journal
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