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Casper diesel power plant diesel engine flywheels being moved from railroad track in background towards plant building under construction (behind photographer). Several workers visible.

The switchboard in the Casper diesel power plant, switches basically in pairs, presumably for the two engine/generator sets. Note tennis rackets at left, presumably for playing tennis, but possibly for extinguishing arcs.

One of the large pistons for the Casper diesel engines being lifted, probably for installation in the engine.

a - Ramp extending from railroad track on embankment to left to the front of the power plant, unloaded components on right, several workers visible, b - apparently the base of a diesel engine, c - apprently the crankcase of a diesel engine, d - …

a - Office with a range of electric appliances, including lamps, coffee urns, and electric fans, and possibly a vacuum cleaner, b - Caption reads, "Office and Merchandising Shop, Wyoming Electric Co., Casper Wyoming, P. N. Nunn in charge, Photo from…

Stacks of meter cards by year, indicating the customer growth of the utility, 1914-1917

Caption on back reads "CASPER, WYOMING, 1912 - L to R - Harold Owen, William Alexander, Chas. Pitzer, Mr. Cruse, and John Van Etten Late in 1912 Mr, Nunn acquired an existing small steam-power plant in Casper -- where oil had recently been…

Diesel engines in the Casper plant running generators in the foreground

Casper diesel power plant building under construction, with workers near roof

a - Casper diesel plant building exterior, showing insulator structure for power output and diesel exhaust stacks; b - Building at night with electric sign for "WYOMING ELECTRIC CO"
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