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The bike trucks were donations from a mysterious anonymous donor in the 1990s, fell into disuse later

Bruce Simmons was a favorite of LL Nunn's, participating in TA and DS activities

Team of horses pulling a wagon and leading two other teams near substation above circle

Caption"Horsfall on Smoky & "Kate" with our sleeping bags & equipment. After lunch in Campito Meadow the second day of the White Mt. trip. Sheep Mt. is in the background. White Mtn trip 1937."

Caption" 'Death Valley Scotty' you may or may not have heard of him - an old prospector given several millions by a Chicago broker - he built a magnificent castle but his speech is still that of a desert rat. Spring trip - 1936."

Caption reads, "Lowest spot in North or South America -Badwater at lower end of Death ValleyTelescope's the snow-capped peak in the background. Boy was it hot here. Spring trip 1936."

Caption "Evening meal at Shoshone. Exposure Flash Powder (my own formula) 3 grams, f6.3 stop, Spring trip 1936."

Probably the hydroelectric plant, maybe the solar array

View from across valley with a large amount of water in Wyman Creek

PCs and clutter in old Main Building Library
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