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First Delivery to DS 1917
Group paused by side of road between Provo, Utah and Deep Springs, with truck carrying load of furniture for the college. Far left is Chet Dunn DS17. Far right is Dan Beck. Boy in the middle (Vincent) was run over later and broke his leg, near Gold…

On Westgard Pass at Tollhouse
Group paused by side of road at Tollhouse spring in late 2017. Individuals unidentified

Lower Ranch circa 1920
Foreground view includes Sachse house on left, irrigator shack in middle, chicken coop on right. Main Building can be seen in far background. Image is labeled circa 1918, but Sachse house wasn't built until early 1920s. Irrigation shack and chicken…

Walter Welti DS17 portrait
Walter standing full body before camera, looks like exterior of main building. Likely taken in spring of 1918.

New Dorm Patio West
View from back patio of new student dorm looking out over fields to the west, shortly after construction.

Student at Piano, Main Room
Unidentified student playing piano in the main room. Date uncertain but circa late-1980s.

Student with Ruby, Main Room
Unidentified student fallen asleep while studying amidst pile of books in the main room. Ruby, the SB dog, lies next to him. Date is uncertain, but likely late 1980s.

Upper Ranch Winter 1930
View of entire upper ranch after heavy winter snow, as seen from ridge above garage. Date uncertain, but estimate circa 1930 from size of trees planted in 1925, as well as fact that Duplex has not yet been built.

Tumbleweeds in Dorm Porch
View of front porch of New Dorm; students have filled it completely with tumbleweeds collected off the farm. Date is uncertain, but likely early 2000s

Communications Center
Closet in the main building circa late 1990s, containing computer electronics for early iteration of the internet at Deep Springs. Date uncertain. Photo collage.
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