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(1) email from David Cole DS45 to John Dewis DS94; (2) Interview with Edwin Cronk

Barney Childs was a well known avant garde composer, and was leaving his position as Director of Deep Springs in mid-1969. Jim Horning DS69

James Holmes DS17 on horseback near a pond at the Lake, and a modern satellite view showing the probable location of the photo

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Unknown student near bog. These bogs are treacherous and can trap cows and horses.

Julian Steward DS18 on horseback in the Lake pastures, evidently while rescuing cows from bogs

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Storefront with fanciful advertising

Stories are told at Deep Springs of White Mountain City, near the mouth of Wyman Canyon, and its involvement in voter fraud. This authoritative article by Daniel Pritchett DS71 suggests that story is a myth.

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Cows wander into a bog in the Lake pastures, often requiring rescue; dangerous to ride a horse into, as well.

Cars driving to Provo for the Telluride Convention - the road appears to be plowed salt, so perhaps this was taken on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Mrs. Woodhouse is listed as being in the Ford, and the other car appears to be the Buick seen in many DS…

Article by Daniel Pritchett DS71 on the early expeditions to the White Mountain area, and the naming of the range

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