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This is the house whre LL Nunn died on April 2, 1925; he was occasioanlly visited there by DSSB members

Heide Sachse-Deep Springs-Then & Now copy.jpg.jpeg
Diptych - Heide Sachse, daughter of Martin Sachse, poses on Main Building steps in two photos separated by nearly eighty years.

Harry Thomsen was DS27 (stayed 1 year) and also spent time as a child in 1918-1919, when his father, Ludwig, taught there. Three files, a - Chapter 3, DS 1918-1919, b - Chapter 8, DS 1927-1928, c - entire memoir. An interesting, productive life as a…

A letter from Dr. F. A. Harper to Frank Noon, and a reply detailing the final days and death of LL Nunn

A study of the relation between hydrologic factors and saline mineralogy for a small playa in the western Great Basin


Bob Sproull DS35 was interviewed by Brad Edmondson DS77 in 2002 - covers student days and other aspects of his life, including Telluride years and subsequent career

A very interesting report for anyone interested in the long-term survival of a charitable educational entity. See notes.

View from mountains above Payson Canyon, college, spanning from north of college site to lake


Walcott was in the region and camped at Oasis, probably a nicer place to camp than any in Deep Springs Valley


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