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DSSB portrait, including Michael Perez, Daniel Pritchett, David Pederson, Bruce Hamilton (all DS71), Nick Capozzoli, Max Dannis, Hal Gladfelder, Philip Heikkinen, David LaBerge, Thomas Lucero, James Pearson (all DS72), Steven Sonnenberg, Roy…

Annotated photos taken by Denis Clark DS69, a portion of a PDF slide show assembled around 2000

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Winona Johnson Holloway and (top row from left) Michael Huston DS68, Chris Campbell DS73, Brad Edmondson DS76, Paul Davis DS77, Loren Ihle DS76, Migue Dozier DS74, Jacob Dickinson DS76, Paul Michelsen DS74, (bottom row from left) Gary Mahannah DS70,…

Dan Pritchett DS71 plays the saxophone, perhaps accompanied on the piano, in the Main Room


Stories are told at Deep Springs of White Mountain City, near the mouth of Wyman Canyon, and its involvement in voter fraud. This authoritative article by Daniel Pritchett DS71 suggests that story is a myth.

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Article by Daniel Pritchett DS71 on the early expeditions to the White Mountain area, and the naming of the range

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