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Heide Sachse-Deep Springs-Then & Now copy.jpg.jpeg
Diptych - Heide Sachse, daughter of Martin Sachse, poses on Main Building steps in two photos separated by nearly eighty years.

Played in the barn yard. L-R: Mike Schwartz DS79, John Davidson DS79, David Welle DS80, Jim Stearns DS79, Dave Brown DS80, unknown, Mike Fitch DS79, Jim Geringer DS80

Herb Reich DS17, performs songs from the early days in Boardinghouse. Unidentified member of the board of trustees in BG. Unidentified staff member at right.

L-R: Matthew Tinkcom DS81, David Welle DS80, Doug Martin, faculty, Rob Schechter DS80. Location unidentified.

Akira Kobayashi DS05, left, and Mike Zaletel DS04, set out dinner on the main lawn for the last night of Summer Seminar. In the 200s, a tradition has developed wherein the "end-of-term" is marked with an elaborate dinner by the BH cooks.

Curt & Ben Meeker in main room at Christmas

students and faculty at lake corrals prior to footrace between students and faculty. Unidentified.

On lake road midway between college and DS Lake. L-R: Hal Sedgwick DS62, Robert Gay DS60, Ray Diggle DS60, Robert Rugeroni DS60, William Hensel DS62

On lake road midway between college and DS Lake, unidentified

James Martin, professor, unidentified students. Annual Thanksgiving football game, often played in barnyard gravel.
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