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This is the house whre LL Nunn died on April 2, 1925; he was occasioanlly visited there by DSSB members

Papers on the history of Deep Springs submitted by Christian Stayner DS00 (1925-35), Jeremy Bearer-Friend DS01 (1938-43) Steve Pannuto DS01 (1945-50), Andrew Kim DS00 (1964-69),Kenneth Nodland DS00 (1975-80)

Heide Sachse-Deep Springs-Then & Now copy.jpg.jpeg
Diptych - Heide Sachse, daughter of Martin Sachse, poses on Main Building steps in two photos separated by nearly eighty years.

Fundraising booklet containing facts about Deep Springs for people unfamiliar with it. Contains a description, alumni achievement information, a list of the TDS at the time, and financial statements. The TDS lists and financial statements are…

Harry Thomsen was DS27 (stayed 1 year) and also spent time as a child in 1918-1919, when his father, Ludwig, taught there. Three files, a - Chapter 3, DS 1918-1919, b - Chapter 8, DS 1927-1928, c - entire memoir. An interesting, productive life as a…

A letter from Dr. F. A. Harper to Frank Noon, and a reply detailing the final days and death of LL Nunn

A study of the relation between hydrologic factors and saline mineralogy for a small playa in the western Great Basin


Bob Sproull DS35 was interviewed by Brad Edmondson DS77 in 2002 - covers student days and other aspects of his life, including Telluride years and subsequent career

A very interesting report for anyone interested in the long-term survival of a charitable educational entity. See notes.

View from mountains above Payson Canyon, college, spanning from north of college site to lake


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