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Julian Steward DS18 and Windsor Putnam DS19 with burros, about to set off on a trip, shed in background was present into the 2000's near the cement block house at lower ranch

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Si Whitney DS19 and Director in the 1940s, on the Main Building porch


Si Whitney DS19 (and Director in the 1940s) plays chess with Prof. Steinbrunn

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Left to right Sheldon Callaway DS18, Don Sutherland DS21, Charles Schaff DS20, Clarence MacDaniels DS21, Roger Dann DS19, Don Falconer DS20, Henry Hayes DS20, Jack Laylin DS20, John Davenport DS21, Wallace Cook DS20, Windsor Putnam DS19, Robert Dann…

Group doing laundry with somewhat improved facilities, possibly in the Boarding House basement

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