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Earline and Randall Reid at a gathering at their house in Reno, after leaving Deep Springs

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Students present in the summer of 1949, including Leigh Ortenburger, Mark Sexton, Lee Talbot, Tom Billings, Dick George, John Sinning, Juraj Slavik, Curt Karplus, and Mark Follstad (all DS48), and Miles Everett, Bill Romell, Randall Reid, Phil…

Randall Reid DS49, Dean and Driector, teaches English Composition to the Class of 1970 in the Main Building classroom. Students, (left to right, all DS70) include Bill Sullivan, far left, 2 unknown students foreground, Gary Mahannah, Jeff Moore, Paul…

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a - Dean and Director Randall Reid DS49 teaches a creative writing course in the Museum classroom; b - Jeff Boyd DS69 at left

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