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Deep Springs Student Body on the lawn in front of the Main Building, including Alan Kaufman (DS67), Kent Davis, Dennis Farr, Bill Kralovec, Bill Marvin (DS68), Bruce Eggleston, Jim Horning, Peter Guth, Jan Vleck, John Sender, Denis Clark, Jeff Boyd,…

the Deep Springs Student Body in the Main Room, including Alan Kaufman, Andy Fairchild, Joel Hyde (DS67), Bill Mack, Mike Huston, Kent Davis, Bill Marvin, Dennis Farr, Bill Kralovec, Doug Sietsema, Peter Spencer (DS68), Jan Vleck, Peter Wakeman,…

Winona Johnson Holloway and (top row from left) Michael Huston DS68, Chris Campbell DS73, Brad Edmondson DS76, Paul Davis DS77, Loren Ihle DS76, Migue Dozier DS74, Jacob Dickinson DS76, Paul Michelsen DS74, (bottom row from left) Gary Mahannah DS70,…

A geology field trip, somewhere between Deep Springs and Death Valley, including John Mawby DS53, professor, Dian Mawby in cab, and Bill Mack DS68, Mike Huston DS68 (rear), Peter Wakeman DS69, Kent Davis DS68, Peter Guth DS69, possible Jeff Boyd DS69…

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Mike Quinn DS70, Paul Patterson DS70, and Mike Hunston DS68 view the Inner Gorge. The Tonto Plateau runs just above the Inner Gorge, carved into old granite and metmorphic rocks.

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Mike Huston DS68, on Clipper, and Denis Clark DS69, on Pinny, confront the White Mountain Research helicopter at Crooked Creek Station

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me and MAH cow camp 0871_17DEC0496.pdf
Denis Clark DS69, left, and Mike Huston DS68 ride away from Cow Camp in a photo taken from near the cabins

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Cow Camp in evening light

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a - probably Merritt Holloway roping a calf; b - Robin Hayes roping a calf; c - Bill Sullivan DS70 (back to camera) - possibly John Sender DS69 (on ground) - Robin Hayes - and unidentified person wrestle a calf; d - more likely from 1970 - Mike…

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a - probably Jeff Boyd DS69 cauterizing a horn stub; b - Unknown person branding; c - Mike Huston DS68 castrating; d - Nonie Holloway vaccinating - Mike Huston castrating - Jan Vleck DS69 holding

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