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L-R on ground: Pat O'Connor, Ashutosh Rajbhandari DS79, Grant Sible DS79, L-R on bench: unknown, Andrew Swartz TASP79 DS80, unknown, unknown, unknown, L-R standing: Lars Wulff DS79, John Davidson DS79, Mike Fitch DS79, Jim Stearns DS79, Will Masters…

David Welle DS80, standing in Main Office of old Main Building, perhaps at the mimeograph machine.

Photo taken in old Museum classroom. Front L-R: Phil Gorski DS81, Hugh McGuire DS81, James Mueller DS81, Carl Etnier DS81, Dave Brown DS80, Doug Smith DS81, Dave Hitz DS80, Jay Tate DS81, Kurt Gilson DS80. Middle L-R: Matt Tinckom DS81, Rob Schechter…

Nick Schwartz-Hall DS80, asleep with Ruby Tuesday, the newly acquired SB dog

top to bottom: Grant Sible DS79, Jim Geringer DS80, Josh Leonard DS80

Unidentified student. Interior appears to be room known as the "Black Hole" for its all-black walls. View is east, facing away from the main circle. The Greek statuary remains in the new SB Dorm as of 2017.

Vincent Delaney DS81, Jim Geringer DS80.

Clockwise from left: David Brown DS80, Vincent Delaney DS81, Jim Geringer DS80, Jahan Sharifi DS80, Kurt Gilson DS80, David Welle DS80. Stakes were penny-ante. Note that smoking was permitted in the building in those days.

Chris Kleps DS61 with vintage car, near Duplex

Hugo Blasdell
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