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L-R on ground: Pat O'Connor, Ashutosh Rajbhandari DS79, Grant Sible DS79, L-R on bench: unknown, Andrew Swartz TASP79 DS80, unknown, unknown, unknown, L-R standing: Lars Wulff DS79, John Davidson DS79, Mike Fitch DS79, Jim Stearns DS79, Will Masters…

Cameron Leonard DS74 standing in garden area at lower ranch. Note the slaughter shed in distant background.


Group includes Roger and Marilyn Dell, John and Dian Mawby, Merritt and Nona Holloway, Bill Pezick, Pat Schrock, Wally and Jo Rooney, Jean and Joseph Balachowski, Jess and Ruth James (cooks-- Jess is to the right of John Mawby, Ruth is in front of…

Randall Reid in typical attire at bottom of Main Building steps

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Deep Springs students had T-shirts made with literary or Deep Springs-specific designs. These are 5 such, including quotations from Thomas Nashe's "Summer's Last Will and Testament" with Air Force logo, 2 Deep Springs toad designs, Nunn and Lenin,…

Roger Dell (math faculty, 1960s and 1970s), wife Marilyn holding daughter Megan, son Jeff, daughter Nicole

View to the west from Chocolate Mountain of Deep Springs Valley, ranch, and Sierras near sunset, bush in foreground

Left to right, Peter Wakeman DS69, Peter Guth DS69, John Mawby DS53 (professor), and Dian Mawby (John Mawby's wife) walk out across the playa to look at the moving rocks

Geology field trip stopping at the Eureka Valley dunes. Individuals include, left to right, Dennis Farr DS68, Peter Guth DS69, Kent Davis DS68, Bill Mack DS68, John Mawby DS53 (professor), Unknown behind Mawby, Jeff Boyd DS69, Possibly Joel Hyde…

View to the north of Chocolate Mountain near sunset
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