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Pat Schrock, administrator, Merritt Holloway, ranch manager, and Paul Patterson DS70, Office Man, examine a paper in the office

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Marty Regan levels a field


Janice Hunter, ranch manager 2012-2016, Dick Strong, ranch manager in the 1960s, and Jan Vleck DS69 discuss ranch matters

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Article in the Telluride Newsletter by Don Read DS59 about Deep Springs cowboy Fogger Dunagan and his wife, Edna

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Chris Breiseth taught at Deep Springs, was President 1980-1983, and later a Trustee

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Leonard Loomis DS73, Cam Smith DS74, Chris Campbell DS73, JoAnn Smith (music teacher), E. Reid, Michael Fields DS74, Pat Schrock, Gerry Saucier DS73

a - probably Jeff Boyd DS69 cauterizing a horn stub; b - Unknown person branding; c - Mike Huston DS68 castrating; d - Nonie Holloway vaccinating - Mike Huston castrating - Jan Vleck DS69 holding

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a - probably Merritt Holloway roping a calf; b - Robin Hayes roping a calf; c - Bill Sullivan DS70 (back to camera) - possibly John Sender DS69 (on ground) - Robin Hayes - and unidentified person wrestle a calf; d - more likely from 1970 - Mike…

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Si Whitney, right, talks with Howard Hedgespeth (mechanic), left, and George Brown, who moved from irrigator to Ranch Manager in March 1946.

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Members of the DS faculty and staff gather for group photo, circa 2003. (Date is not certain. First Row L-R Jack Newell DS56 (and president), Diane Seidenverg (office manager), Geoff Pope (ranch manager), Ellie Gossen (administrator), Debbie Smith…
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