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Ranch staff at lower ranch with stake bed ranch truck. Left to right - Reeve Deason, Joe Gonzalez, Wayne Rupp. Unknown what their jobs were.

Reeve Deason standing with his twin sons outside on the main lawn circa 1951. Boarding House in background. Unknown what his job at Deep Springs was.

a - probably Jeff Boyd DS69 cauterizing a horn stub; b - Unknown person branding; c - Mike Huston DS68 castrating; d - Nonie Holloway vaccinating - Mike Huston castrating - Jan Vleck DS69 holding

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a - probably Merritt Holloway roping a calf; b - Robin Hayes roping a calf; c - Bill Sullivan DS70 (back to camera) - possibly John Sender DS69 (on ground) - Robin Hayes - and unidentified person wrestle a calf; d - more likely from 1970 - Mike…

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Ed Woodhouse was an early, perhaps the first, ranch manager at Deep Springs. Seems to be a braided leather reata on his saddle.

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Elmer M "Johnny" Johnson, standing next to vehicle near Main Building porch

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Otto Suhr and dog, back end of Museum in background

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Portrait of PN Nunn at bottom of Main Building steps, looking north

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Members of the DS faculty and staff gather for group photo, circa 2003. (Date is not certain. First Row L-R Jack Newell DS56 (and president), Diane Seidenverg (office manager), Geoff Pope (ranch manager), Ellie Gossen (administrator), Debbie Smith…

Randall Reid DS49 taught English at various times in the 1960s and was Dean and Director 1969-1975

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