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James Martin, professor, unidentified students. Annual Thanksgiving football game, often played in barnyard gravel.

unidentified students, Ed Loomis DS42 at right. Loomis was faculty and academic dean at the time.

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On lake road midway between college and DS Lake, unidentified

On lake road midway between college and DS Lake. L-R: Hal Sedgwick DS62, Robert Gay DS60, Ray Diggle DS60, Robert Rugeroni DS60, William Hensel DS62

students and faculty at lake corrals prior to footrace between students and faculty. Unidentified.

Ed Loomis DS42 in jeep overlooking DS Valley. The remnants of the (very steep) road remain in place on Chocolate Mountain as of 2017, but vehicle access to the road ended in 1990s with creation of the Piper Mountain Wilderness.

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Rod Robertson DS46 taught some drama courses, including performing a Brecht play on the front porch; in picture from below, people include Bill Sullivan DS70 (facing away from camera), Mike Quinn DS70, Rod Robertson, Stan Hilchey DS69, and Michael…

a - Dean and Director Randall Reid DS49 teaches a creative writing course in the Museum classroom; b - Jeff Boyd DS69 at left

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Joseph Balachowski, languages teacher, and Stan Hilchey in a 1-student French class

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Earline and Randall Reid at a gathering at their house in Reno, after leaving Deep Springs

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