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Diptych - Heide Sachse, daughter of Martin Sachse, poses on Main Building steps in two photos separated by nearly eighty years.

Harry Thomsen was DS27 (stayed 1 year) and also spent time as a child in 1918-1919, when his father, Ludwig, taught there. Three files, a - Chapter 3, DS 1918-1919, b - Chapter 8, DS 1927-1928, c - entire memoir. An interesting, productive life as a…

A letter from Dr. F. A. Harper to Frank Noon, and a reply detailing the final days and death of LL Nunn

A study of the relation between hydrologic factors and saline mineralogy for a small playa in the western Great Basin


A very interesting report for anyone interested in the long-term survival of a charitable educational entity. See notes.

A paper by Charles Walcott, USGS Director, Secretary of the Smithsonian, and associate of LL Nunn, describing his field work in the Deep Springs area ca. 1895


Article by Daniel Pritchett DS71 on the early expeditions to the White Mountain area, and the naming of the range

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Stories are told at Deep Springs of White Mountain City, near the mouth of Wyman Canyon, and its involvement in voter fraud. This authoritative article by Daniel Pritchett DS71 suggests that story is a myth.

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Clockwise from left: David Brown DS80, Vincent Delaney DS81, Jim Geringer DS80, Jahan Sharifi DS80, Kurt Gilson DS80, David Welle DS80. Stakes were penny-ante. Note that smoking was permitted in the building in those days.

Vincent Delaney DS81, Jim Geringer DS80.
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