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Memoir covering the Merritt Holloway family in the late 1940s, including serving on the Deep Springs staff. Merritt returned to Deep Springs as Ranch Manager in the 1970s.

Cameron Leonard DS74 standing in garden area at lower ranch. Note the slaughter shed in distant background.


Merritt Holloway about age 18

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Students, staff, and faculty gather to say farewell to faculty member John Sales and family; people present include Bob Kwit DS49, Pat Jones (son of Ranch Manager Glenn Jones), John O. Stevens, Barry Stevens, Sale son, John Sale, Mark Sexton DS48,…

Departing for Roberts Ranch, late Spring 1948, standing, Merritt and Tipton Holloway, Robert Sandstrum (a nephew of Merritt's), Winona Holloway; above cab, Ted and Tom Holloway

Merritt Holloway and Patricia Campbell (daughter of Director Bonham Campbell), standing next to 1938 Studebaker

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Marcel Weinreich, a faculty member in the late 1940s

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Holloway family on horseback near barn and in field. One color image, probably from a side, and 2 black and white, perhaps made from color slides. Merritt, Winona, and 3 sons (oldest to youngest) Tipton, Ted, Tom.

Steven Weinreich (son of faculty Marcel Weinreich) and Susan Campbell (daughter of Director Bonham Campbell) at the Eureka Valley dunes

Ted Holloway (son of cowboy Merritt Holloway) pulls Steven Weinreich (son of faculty member Marcel Weinreich) and Chris Jones (son of Ranch Manager Glenn Jones) on sled
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