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A somewhat unusual, perhaps telephoto view of Ranch and Lake

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Barney Childs DS43,

A young-looking Bob Gatje smiles for the photographer, poor quality image

Don Claudy DS44 and Bob Gatje DS44 in front of a train, probably in their way to Deep Springs

Eunice Whitney, wife of Si Whitney DS19, Director in the 1940s

students working on baler, baler being pulled by Fordson tractor, and planter being pulled by tractor, in final image students identified as "Bob and Richard" Bob Gatje DS44 and perhaps Richard Moore DS44 or Richard Loomis DS43

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Identified on original image, includes Franklin Lesh DS44, Harold Dietz DS44, Charles McGinnis DS44, Barney Childs DS43, John Seder DS44, Ralph Comer DS44, Lloyd Fallers DS44, Don Novelli DS43, Vaughn Stelzenmuller DS44, Mark Cannon DS44, Norton…

The point here is The Thumb, 13,388, a peak whose first ascent is credited to Windsor Putnam DS20, on December 12, 1921.

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Simon (Si) Whitney DS18 was Director in the 1940s, influential and well remembered by students, a respected economist

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Hand-written admissions letter from Si Whitney to Bob Gatje, reads, "June 8, 1944 - Dear Mr. Gatje, This is to notify you formally of your acceptance to Deep Springs. If you _cannot_ accept, please let me know. Otherwise we will expect you in…


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